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Pro-Nox™ nitrous oxide system for anxiety-free, painless care during treatment.


Pro-Nox™ is patient-administered analgesia using a hand-held tube through which you breathe. The tube delivers nitrous oxide, the same substance as the laughing gas you’ may have had during visits to the dentist to keep relaxed and calm in a 50:50 mixture with oxygen.

•. Controlled percent of nitrous oxide means you are never put to sleep.

• Speak freely and manage your own comfort level during the procedure.

• Wears off in about 15 minutes after you stop inhaling it.

• Drive immediately after your appointment.

Most of our patients who have tried Pro-Nox™ say they will never go back to treatments without it.

Jannelle's Naked Face Medspa

Jannelle's Naked Face Medspa

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